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Paid clinical trials UK and medical trials Quintiles London ICON Manchester Covance Leeds HMR Belfast Simbec Wales

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Paid clinical trials

Paid UK Clinical trials

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Paid clinical trials UK

Paid clinical trials UK medical trialsSearch, rate, review and register for paid clinical trials, medical trials and research drug studies across the UK.


Clinical trials website lets you find and review clinical research centres’ clinical studies and medical trials. Compare UK clinical trials conducted at Quintiles, Simbec,  HMR, Richmond PharmaCelerion (Formaly MDS Pharma)FluCampParexel, ICON, Glaxosmithkline (GSK) and Covance among many other UK clincal research facilities.

Paid clinical trials (UK phase 1), allow healthy medical research volunteers participate in medical testing for money and get paid for medical research. Drug treatment medical trials (phase 2) allow unhealthy participants to receive clinically tested drugs, otherwise unavailable, as medicinal treatment for their illness, condition, disease or disorder. Find medical & paid clinical trials UK.

Paid clinical trials &
Medical testing for money

Paid clinical trials (UK) involve medical testing for money. UK Medical research volunteers of paid medical trials receive payment for medical research upon testing new drugs. Medical testing payments range from £600 to £10,000 depending on the length and inconvenience of the paid clinical trial. UK medical testing for money is a choice for medical test subjects but clinical trial payments do not offer dependable income; so consider carefully before quitting your job to become a medical research volunteer for paid clinical trials.


Medical testing for money can prove lucrative. Ten thousand paid clinical trialshappen simuletaenously so UK clinical trials are plentiful. Read comments and reviews of medical trials UK medical research volunteers have written and participate in medical trials for money.


Review medical and paid clinical trials. Discuss your experience of clinical trials and get medical trial advice from medical research volunteers. Findt paid clinical trials by signing up with UK pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations and academic clinical trials. Find clinical and medical testing for money.

Clinical trials & Medical Studies
England Ireland Scotland & Wales UK

Find high paying clinical trials, UK medical trials and leading drug studies in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Easily search Great British and Northern Irish clinical trials. UK medical trials generate global interest encouraging thousands of medical research volunteers to participate in UK medical trials.

Paid clinical trials London Manchester Leeds
UK medical trials for money

Paid clinical trials UK London Manchester medical trials Leeds Belfast medical trials for money Paid clinical trials, medical trials and drug studies are listed for medical research volunteers in the UK. Surrey clinical trials, London medical trials, Manchester medical studies, Leeds drug studies, Edinburgh clinical research, Glasgow medical testing, Cardiff drug trials, Nottingham medical trials and other clinical trials UK offer medical research volunteers either medical testing for money (Phase 1) or medical testing for treatment (Phases 2, 3 or Phase 4) to participate in UK medical trials.


Clinical trial UK companies include: Richmond Pharmacology clinical (Trials4us), Quintiles, SimbecHammersmith Medicines Research (HMR), Parexel and Covance,  MDS PharmaFluCamp (Retro Screen), GlaxoSmithKlineVeeda Clinical Research to name but a few.


Interested in paid clinical trials? Click UK medical trials above and read the reviews and testimonials from medical research volunteers who do paid clinical trials (UK) and medical testing for money.